Straw Erosion Control Products

Double Net Straw Blankets


Kansas Erosion’s KEP-S2 Series is a double-sided erosion control blanket. It is manufactured from 100% agricultural wheat straw and two fully-integrated, photo-degradable, medium-weight synthetic polypropylene nets. The KEP-S2 Double Net Erosion Blankets provide a stable environment for seed germination, seedling growth, and vegetation establishment on 2:1 to 3:1 slopes with moderate flow. They are an ideal choice when bank stabilization, vegetation establishment, or erosion control is necessary along banks, hills, rivers and streams.


  • Slope Stabilization
  • Soil Reinforcement
  • Support in Channels
  • Land Restoration Projects
  • Slope or Channel Erosion Control


  • Biodegradable Interior
  • Photo-degradable Netting
  • Double Netting for Increased Support
  • Short Term Stabilization in Steeper Areas
  • Maintains Support in Moderate Flow Areas
Double Net Straw Blanket
Part #  Description Width (feet)  Length (feet) Area (sq. yards) Weight (lbs) Qty Per Pallet
 ST-G2-8112  8’ X 112.5’ Green Double Net Straw Blanket  8  112.5  100  55  25
 ST-G2-8562  8’ X 562.5’ Green Double Net Straw Blanket  8  562.5  500  275  4
 ST-G2-16112  16’ X 112.5’ Green Double Net Straw Blanket  16  112.5  200  110  25
 ST-G2-16562  16’ X 562.5’ Green Double Net Straw Blanket  16  562.5  1000  550  4
Verified Values
Tensile Strength ASTM 6818 MD 16.2 lb/in
TD 9.7 lb/in
Groundcover ASTM D6567 91%
Light Penetration ASTM D6567 8.3%
Mass ASTM D6475 9.24 oz/syd
Thickness ASTM 6525 335 mils
Water Absorption ASTM D1117 435%
Mesh Size 3/8” X 3/8” (nominal)
Weight 1.5 ± 0.2 PMSF
Tensile Strength MD=14.6 ± 4 lbf–5 Strands–3”
TD=14.6 ± 4 lbf–5 Strands–3”

Wheat Straw Wattles

SW Series

Kansas Erosion’s Straw Wattles are made with an agricultural wheat straw matrix using a heavy-duty polypropylene grid casing. They reduce erosion, increase filtration, and retain soil for one to two years, making them ideal for temporary protection while permanent vegetation becomes established. Kansas Erosion’s Straw Wattles are an excellent way to prevent sheet erosion, rills, and gullies by serving as a functional method of decelerating the velocity of water runoff in channels and slopes. They also serve to filter sediment out of water before entering storm drain inlets - especially useful in perimeter controls on lots and construction sites.


  • Silt Checks
  • Inlet Protection
  • Drain Protection
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Stream Stabilization
  • Slope or Channel Erosion Control


  • Ideal for Filtration
  • Can be Joined Together
  • Staked into Place During Use
  • Perfect for Storm Drains or Inlets
  • All Natural and Biodegradable Fill
  • Effectively Allows Water Flow Through
Part #  Description Diameter (inches)  Length (feet) Weight (lbs) Qty Per Pallet
SW-925 9” X 25’ Straw Wattle 9 25 50 15
SW-1210 12” X 10’ Straw Wattle 12 10 30 24
SW-1220 12” X 20’ Straw Wattle 12 20 60 12