Product FAQs

We do not break fully banded pallets to sell a few rolls, but we do have a limited number available for individual sales that must be picked up local. Call 785-643-0613 for availability.

We do not deliver locally. And although we prefer our dealers arrange their own freight, we do have the ability to source and arrange truckload freight which would be included on the final invoice.

No. The end customer must arrange tarping with their freight service if it is required. If we are handling your freight, it must be requested to add this to the order when the order is placed.

Natural Net refers to Lenovo woven, Jute netting – this is an alternative to photodegradable poly netting. Jute netting is a biodegradable material rather than photodegradable, often referred to as “Bio Net”.

Straw wattles help prevent soil erosion from water runoff and increase healthy infiltration within the ground. Straw wattles are often referred to as bio-logs and may be called straw tubes due to their cylindrical shape. They consist of weed-free wheat straw. They range in length and dimensions but are not extremely heavy. Straw wattles are easy to work with due to their flexibility. They may range in length and dimension but are not extremely heavy.

The proper staple pattern can be downloaded here.