About Kansas Erosion

The Best Straw Erosion Control Products

Kansas Erosion, LLC. makes high quality straw erosion control products. Our blankets provide a stable environment for seed germination, seedling growth and vegetation establishment. The straw wattles reduce erosion, increase filtration, and retain soil for one to two years while permanent vegetation becomes established.

Central Kansas has the best straw in the country – And Plenty Of It! Our history in the straw marketplace combined with an entire manufacturing workforce dedicated to excellence and on- time product delivery makes us unique in the industry.

We recycle what is normally a drain on the environment into a useful, eco-friendly product. Burning crop residues such as wheat stubble has a negative impact on air quality, the productivity of soil resources, and water quality (e.g. from soil erosion). We remove high stubble loads from the fields thereby reducing the nitrogen immobilization and soil stratification