Kansas Erosion, LLC specializes in high quality

straw erosion control products

Our Straw Products

Made from the best straw in the USA.

How We're Different

We can get the product to you when you need it.

Centrally located

  • Centrally Located in the United States
  • Lower Freight Costs
  • Accessible Transportation
  • 20,000 acres of wheat straw within 60 miles

Production Capabilities

The company has access to about 40,000 rectangular bales of wheat straw a year, which is stored in four locations around Salina. Kansas Erosion has enough straw to last until the next harvest. Some other suppliers run out of straw in March or April.

Growing Capacities

  • 7-8 semi loads of blankets per week
  • 3-5 semi loads of wattles per week
  • 30,000 ft² of manufacturing space
  • 70,000 ft² of storage and presort space